Helios Interactive is continually looking to expand our team. We are an Experience Design studio with offices in San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR. We create digital installations for large brands at tradeshows, events, and retail locations. We work with a variety of technologies including: large format touchscreens, augmented reality, depth cameras, physical computing, RFID / NFC, Android, iOS, and computer vision, using them to create cool, and compelling digital experiences for consumers.

Because working in the events space is fun. We execute projects all over the world, at events ranging from the Olympics and Super Bowl to the World’s Fair and more – and there is definitely an opportunity to hit the road and get to be a part of these activations. You won’t be tied to a tired, boring product that has an 18-month development cycle. Instead, you’ll be asked to create amazing interactive experiences with an average four to six weeks lead time, and then it will be on to the next.

Because you like working with a small team and seeing the impact of your work immediately. We’re a small crew that does big, highly visible work. You will be an important part of the development team, and will have the opportunity not only to contribute through development, but in the ideation and brainstorming processes as well. This is more than just an execution-oriented job – it’s one where you’ll get the chance to flex your creative muscles.

Because you have a passion for new technology. As an Experience Design studio, we have to stay on the bleeding edge of tech. We are constantly evaluating new interactive technology mediums, and have been engaged by a number of manufacturers to participate in beta programs and evaluation of new products. Because we encourage side projects. Helios will never attempt to own any code you have written outside of office hours and we encourage our employees to create on their own time. We encourage continuous learning, and provide staff development for conferences or education that our team is interested in.

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Remote Support Technician (SF)

Senior Unity3D / C# Developer (SF)


For the San Francisco office location only, candidates will be required to work a swing shift. Candidates must have an attention for detail, and will be expected to independently respond to support tickets / phone calls as they come in and resolve them quickly with customers. Secondary tasks would include routine server maintenance, monitoring our internal network and services, and general IT tasks. Applicants will have to go through a background check as remote access to the machines is highly scrutinized and under stringent security standards.


The job is split between two main tasks:

Primary Role:

Responding to phone calls / tickets. On some days this will be a large portion of your day, other days it will be fairly quiet, it depends on the clients and projects. A client will call with a problem, and you’ll need to login to the system(s) and determine the root cause and attempt to resolve it. Detailed logging and tracking of tickets and issues and solid communication with the rest of the team will be required.

Secondary Roles may include:

  • Creating documentation, lending a hand in operational tasks.
  • Building and imaging of computers.
  • Helping to improve and implement better support processes.
  • Manage accounts in AD, JIRA and other applications.
  • Manage file share permissions in a Windows environment.
  • Monitor network connectivity issues using Solarwinds.
  • Help maintain hardware and software inventory.

Required Skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Computer hardware and software experience.
  • Have good documentation skills to capture solutions and knowledge.
  • Patience with and empathy for users’ needs, with all levels of technical aptitude.
  • Knowledge of installation and maintenance of Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 operating systems.
  • Experience with troubleshooting software and hardware issues.


  • Scripting backgrounds powershell and windows batch script
  • Familiarity with LogMeIn or other remote support software
  • Familiarity with Zendesk
  • Certified A+, Network+, Server+


For the San Francisco office location only, candidates should have at least 5 years of professional experience. Ability to work in teams with designers, junior to mid level developers and project managers. Proficient with Unity3D workflows and editor environment. Experience with C#, networking, mobile development. Online portfolio with video or playable projects that have been previously executed for review.


Candidate’s day to day tasks including software architecture and programming tasks to execute a variety of projects. Developing existing source code developed for projects into better wrappers. Working internally within Helios to improve and define cross-project best practices.

At Large

  • Mentoring junior developers — partnering with them on projects, observing/identifying their strengths, improving their approaches, code output and confidence so they can become project leaders themselves.
  • Participating in brainstorms to define new projects.
  • Identifying R&D Opportunities and new technologies and managing a balance between project / exploratory work.
  • Interacting with the developer community at-large via open-source code releases, landing speaking/presentation gigs and attending community meetings.


  • Experience in Unreal Engine 4+
  • Unity3D Networking / Web experience
  • Experience with Depth Cameras or alternative input devices
  • Creation of wrappers and APIs for Unity 3D
  • Computer vision
  • Data Visualization
  • Physical computing


  • 401k + Compensation DOE
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision

Technical Director (SF)


For the San Francisco office location only, the role of a technical director is to have a higher level understanding of projects across the studio as a whole and have the technical knowledge to help facilitate on internal practices and goals while assisting on production where possible. Technical directors will not be the lead or sole contributor on any project but may lend a hand with prototyping, research, or documentation as needed. The technical director is also a reporting manager, they will be responsible for having 1×1 check-ins, performance planning and facilitating end of year reviews for their direct reports.


Candidates should have at least 5 years of professional experience working on teams with designers, junior to mid level developers and project managers. They should also have proficiency with building and deploying native and mobile applications. Candidates should have an online portfolio of past work.


Candidate’s day to day tasks include working on internal strategic goals: such as refining our code review process or developing a plan for how our git workflow might crossover to perforce version control system. There may be a project in pitch phase that needs some discovery and research into seeing if an ask is feasible. Other tasks include checking in with your team members in 1x1s and assisting junior / mid level developers with structuring their R+D project or internal tools.


  • Experience with Unity3D / Unreal Engine 4 game engines.


  • Experience with VR Technology
  • Experience with Internet of Things technologies
  • Experience with Creative Coding Toolkits: Cinder, OpenFrameworks, etc


  • 401k + Compensation DOE
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision