What I Learned from UX Mentor Night

I’ve been the UX Designer at Helios Interactive for over two years now. I’ve learned many things during that time, but one thing that has remained true since my first day is that User Experience Design is something learnable by everyone. Even though every company defines the position differently, all people have something valuable to […]

Jelly Shader – Part 2

Part 2 – A Basic Sine Wave This is article 2 in our multi-part series on developing a custom shader for Unity. In this article we will be modifying our shader to create a basic sine wave that moves along the surface of our 3D model. While the default ShaderLab file we created in Part […]

Jelly Shader – Part 1

Part 1 – Basic Project Setup and Explanation Setup, Versions, and Requirements: Unity 5.6.0f3 and a model with a high poly-count. Target Audience This series is aimed at Unity developers with little to no shader experience, although basic knowledge of Unity project structure and C# is expected. If you’re feeling a little rusty, the official […]

3 Interactive Ideas Inspired by ABPM’s Fall Workshop

A few practical concepts and best practices Key takeaways: Enhancement of remote/field briefings Discussion leader training and support Interactive engagement and learning tools Fresh on the heels of ABPM’s fall workshop, which gathered briefing program leaders from across the globe to discuss best practices and next practices, it’s hard to sift through all the big […]

Auto Show Leaders Engage and Win with Interactive

The 2017-2018 auto show show season will demonstrate the power of interactive Key takeaways: Creative engagement and accelerating the buyer journey is the goal Technology costs and production timelines have shrunk significantly Marketers of a certain age will remember the 4Ps (Price, Promotion, Product and Place), and how so many decisions were guided by them. […]

The Helios UX Project at RIT

As a company that thrives in cutting edge technologies, we at Helios are comfortable working in unchartered territory. For most of us, this is what makes the job so interesting. And while the technology itself poses challenges to our developers and operations crew, designing and communicating within these new mediums tests our design team as […]

Spaces to Experiences: 2 Dimensions of Digital Corporate Environment

Experiential Engagement + Control & Analytics Key takeaways: Corporate installations embrace immersive digital to engage more effectively Helios’ two-step framework for digital creative, budgeting and implementation The c-suite, brand leaders, design teams and marketers have embraced the idea of digital installations and their vital role in driving engagement, education, preference and loyalty. Quite simply, the […]

EBCs and Events

Today, B2B enterprise selling is about teaching, learning and collaborative problem solving. It’s highly personalized, engages teams of buyers and influencers rather than individuals and puts the focus on sustained relationships and value creation, as opposed to just the transaction. ​All of this is happening at a time when sellers are less involved in the […]


  Why Bots?   Humans interact with each other via conversations. It is one of the earliest interfaces we learn, and is still the one most of us use most frequently. If a human required you to learn a new interface to communicate with them, you might find it pretentious and frustrating, but that is […]