All aboard! The Helios production team joined the Carnival Vista crew on it’s 7-day Caribbean cruise to capture 360 footage of the ship’s most heroic spaces. To capture the full cruise experience, Helios also ventured off the ship and into the warm waters of Grand Cayman to shoot underwater snorkeling footage. After the shoot, we teamed up with Arnold Worldwide to create the “Instant Caribbean Vacation”. This unique and immersive 360° experience allowed users on their desktops and mobile devices to experience what a Carnival vacation has to offer. Guests were given full access to all of the amenities of a Carnival vacation through the use of our 360° cruise ship tour.


Client: Carnival
Launched: April 2016
Event Duration: Ongoing
Project Video Music: “Amber” by 311

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive and Mode Adjust



While the crew enjoyed all the features of the ship that the typical cruise-goer should (open buffet, anyone?), there were some real challenges encountered during the 3-day shoot. Infamous Caribbean thunderstorms constantly threatened our exterior shots, but luckily the sun prevailed when we needed it most. Another interesting and often over-looked challenge when shooting 360° footage is clearing all film crew completely out of the way to maintain a natural environment. To Capture clean shots of the ship on busy at-sea days we worked closely with the incredibly welcoming Vista crew to ensure we could master all our pick-up shots.


Hardware: Custom-made GoPro 360° video capture system
Software: Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere

Project Development: 3-4 weeks