AT&T wanted to create a fun, exciting, and competitive element for their NCAA Championship promotional tour. Helios, along with Team Epic and AppDelegates, created the ‘Speed Challenge’, a unique deployment that tested the speed and reflexes of participants. The setup featured fifteen AT&T-enabled mobile devices that would ‘light up’ at various times as participants frantically scrambled to ‘tap’ each one to score points. This thirty second experience turned a simple interactive ‘touch’ into a crazy, frenetic race to see who could score the most points and end the day atop the leaderboard. The project was such a hit, AT&T went on to use the game many more times for a variety of events.


Client: AT&T
Partner: Team Epic
Launched: May 2013
Event Duration: 3 days
Project Video Music: Tanz in den Pfingsten by El Matoschenkos

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive, AppDelegates
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive



This project’s challenges all revolved around latency. We iterated through several methods to send wireless signals with the lowest latency possible. In the end, our custom android scripts were able to get the job done. The phones are arranged and configured into a grid which can be customized and calibrated onsite. The tablet above the phone serves as a local wifi-network which syncs the users input along with the score and other timing tasks.


Hardware: Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Tab
Software: Android native, PHP, HTML
Screen: 32″ LCD

Project Development: 2-3 weeks