To kick off their new Vista line of ships, Carnival threw an epic party at the Lincoln Center in New York City. Combining Kinect technology, Unity (game engine) and custom-made CGI, Helios delivered a guest-driven gesture-interactive journey throughout select Carnival locations with a shareable “Photo Album” takeaway for social media. Guests started the experience by choosing between Caribbean or European region maps and then their preferred homeport before being transitioned into a first person perspective of a ship’s bow. Leaning left and right, guests would then try and steer into as many different destination ports before time expired. Using Kinect’s background removal technology, guests were then able to take pictures “within” the different ports they visited. Guests could then visit a separate Share Station tablet, enter their info and receive their photo via email with built-in links to Facebook and Twitter.


Client: Carnival
Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Launched: January 22 2015
Event Duration: 3 days
Project Video Music: “Close to Me” by Teams & Star Slinger

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive