The 2014 US Open was an exciting event for Helios Interactive. Not only did we create a stunning way to view the future of the event itself (see USTA Museum), we also broke into the virtual world of Oculus. With the “Chase Review”, we created a way for fans to experience the game from the best seat in the house, the umpire’s chair. Outfitted with an Oculus VR headset and headphones, guests enjoyed a fully immersive CGI version of Arthur Ashe stadium and watched the exciting match point of a game. The experience was accentuated by real puffs of air that were triggered when in-game tennis balls flew past. Eventually, guests were asked to make a crucial call or “Chase Review” to determine the rightful winner of the game. The Chase booth was a huge hit with fans, demonstrating the impact of immersive interactive experiences.


Client: Chase Bank
Agency: MKG
Launched: August 25 2014
Event Duration: 2 weeks
Project Video Music: “Computer in Love” by Bonaparte

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive