For Dreamforce ’16, Helios again pushed the boundaries of digital wizardry with three separate experiences related to the new Einstein platform. We deployed an app used in ‘live’ presentations to demonstrate the new AI platform that allowed presenters to interact with key features of the latest Salesforce software in real time while explaining how it all works. The presentations could be driven by directly interacting with the massive video walls or via staged laptop computers. We also created a very ‘Einstein’ AR photo opp to promote the new AI. A live feed showed guests with Einstein’s signature hair and moustache, and a picture was captured that they could then socially share. In addition, Helios launched its first live event HoloLens project, which proved to be a massive hit! As part of a bigger story about the new Einstein platform (which included a real working robotic arm from Kuka Robotics), guests could wear a HoloLens and view a holographic robotic arm at work while witnessing the visually illustrated power of Einstein.  Over the course of four days, thousands of impressions and connections were made solidifying the Salesforce brand at their biggest event of the year.


Client: Salesforce
Agency: GPJ
Launched: October 14 2016
Event Duration: 4 days
Project Video Music: “Tape Machine” by STRFKR

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive