For Dreamforce ’15, Helios was again invited to lend its expertise to Salesforce’s mega event here in San Francisco. This year, we created not one but three separate experiences. Like the previous year, we again delivered the content for the massive ticker which displayed stunning visuals and info about the event. Next up was a “shockingly” cool photo opp to promote the long awaited update to the Salesforce Lightning software. Set in a fabricated lightning bolt, a live feed showed guests getting electrified in real time and took a picture which could then be saved to email and socially shared. Also promoting the new software was the biggest task (and possibly biggest execution of the event): A live demo showing off all the new features of the product, including a giant touchscreen laptop, smart watch and smart phone. During live presentations, a speaker could interact with different parts of the software illustrating how it works as well as how it syncs with other devices in real time. Over the four day event, thousands of impressions were made connecting the Salesforce brand with their guests in memorable and meaningful ways.


Client: Salesforce
Agency: GPJ
Launched: September 15 2015
Event Duration: 4 days
Project Video Music: “Head Straight” by Alex Metric

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive