Every year, Salesforce hosts tens of thousands of platform enthusiasts to their massive Dreamforce conference. In 2010, Helios was asked to create something unique that would engage and inform the attendees of this event. We delivered a fog projection system that allowed Salesforce to visualize their data “in the cloud”, it was a huge success. Year over year we’ve expanded and worked with more internal Salesforce groups to bring their stories to life. In 2011, we unveiled the first iteration of the giant iPad to demo the new Salesforce tablet apps during the keynote of CEO Marc Benioff. We also created the multi-touch Sustainability table which allowed guests to see the ecological benefits of cloud computing along with Salesforce’s sustainability initiatives. Our social profile kiosk was prominently displayed in the Salesforce Campground section of the show floor, demonstrating the power of social connections within the Salesforce platform. And at night during the Metallica performance, we delighted guests with the “Metalizer”, a fun Augmented Reality photo booth. In the years since, we’ve continued to create various experiences demonstrating new tablet and mobile features of the Salesforce ecosystem as well as some light-hearted interactive games to reward attendees of one of the biggest conferences in San Francisco.


Client: SalesForce
Partner: GPJ
Years Launched: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Event Duration: 4 days

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive, Viewstream, AppDelegates
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive



We’ve worked with various Salesforce teams over the years to provide a variety of experiences including a projected Fog Screen, a huge 103″ multitouch screen, Mobile Apps, and mulit-touch tables. One of the challenges is recreating apps to be presentation-worthy. This includes recreating the apps on bigger displays, ensuring the apps work off-line, and giving the users “presenter” controls. Another challenge is taking their existing brand motifs and creating them with generative art. It’s no simple task to take a static print graphic and make it interactive while still remaining on-brand; we’ve worked closely with Art Directors to ensure we stay true to the Salesforce vision and message.


Hardware: PCs, PQ Labs multi-touch bezel, HD video camera
Software: openFrameworks, Total Immersion
Screen: 103″ LCD, 3 x 65″ LCDs
Fabricator: Splash Events

Project Development: 3-4 weeks