Infosys, one of the leading IT consulting firms, wanted to show how their data infrastructure services might work with a world class airline to help digitize and streamline their aircraft maintenance systems. ​Helios, in partnership with Sparks, created an interactive three-part story ​to help visualize the detection​ and subsequent repair of the complex workings of a 747 landing gear. ​In the experience, attendees circled a scale model of the landing gear​ with Google’s Project Tango for a markerless Augmented Reality experience featuring 3D models and animation tracked to the landing gear​ and it’s surroundings​. Hundreds of VIPs were able to envision the power of Infosys’ consulting services while getting a glimpse of the future.


Client: Infosys
Agency: Sparks
Launched: April 27, 2016
Event Duration: 3 days
Project Video Music: “LaaDeeDaa” by Strfckr

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive