Lexus was interested in creating a first-of-its-kind experience at auto shows around the world to promote the 2015 RC F performance sedan. Therefore, Helios designed the RC Rift experience, a highly immersive virtual reality racing experience utilizing the Oculus VR DK2 headset. By creating a custom CG track that integrated elements from the most famous racing venues in the world and using components from the actual car, including the steering wheel, paddle shifters, pedals, and seat for guided virtual movement, Helios provided Lexus with a truly unique 360-degree simulation that allowed users to compete against each other while experiencing the thrill of driving a Lexus in a safe and stationary environment.


Client: Lexus
Partners: ASV
Launched: August 13 2014
Event Duration: Ongoing
Project Video Music: “Trying to be Cool (Chainsmokers Remix)” by Phoenix

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive



…an impressive experience for those who want to virtually test drive the car…

The Rift Arcade

At the very least, it’s a novel way to get a feel for the car’s interior, and a good look at how companies outside of the gaming industry may use virtual reality technology in the future.


…a perfect scale representation of the car’s interior…

Game Informer

…the first simulator that uses Oculus’s Dev Kit 2 Rift hardware.

The Huffington Post

The VR simulator includes genuine RC F elements such as a physical steering wheel and foot pedals for users in the simulator to control…

Geeky Gadgets

You forget you’re in a simulator.

VP of Marketing Brian Smith told VentureBeat