At the NCAA Final Four Fan Fest in April, LG tasked us with the responsibility to “Do Game Day Right.” So what better way to do that than put fans in the games themselves? Using an 80” touch table, users played against each other in both a soccer penalty shoot-out, as well as the classic tailgate contest of corn hole. On the other end of the LG Experience we allowed guests to pose on the dunk cam: a semi-circle of 15 LG G3 Mobile Phones all aimed at participants doing their best dunk. Their shareable takeaway being a 180° bullet-time dunk cam of them finishing at the rim.


Client: LG
Agency: Advantage
Launched: March 3 2015
Event Duration: 3 days
Project Video Music: “Autumn Antique” by Teebs

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive