Arnold and Panasonic were looking to integrate their celebrity partner, US Men’s Tennis Pro Mardy Fish, into an experience to delight attendees. Helios built an Augmented Reality (AR) photo experience: consumers would see themselves on screen where an image of Mardy would ‘magically’ appear next to them and pose for a candid photo. The photos were posted to Panasonic’s Facebook page and individually shared with participants.


Client: Panasonic
Partner: Arnold Worldwide
Launched: August 2012
Event Duration: 2 weeks

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive



For Panasonic’s presence at the US Open we knew that we could leverage their existing portfolio of sponsorship talent. Our goal was to bring the excitement of meeting a tennis player and bring it to a much larger audience. We were able to do this by coordinating a film shoot with US Tennis Pro Mardy Fish in a green screen studio. From there we keyed out the green screen and composited our own animations with the footage of Mardy. As guests at the US Open posed with virtual Mardy, their photo was taken which they could retrieve at the Photo Sharing Station nearby. By opting in their email address, guest’s photos were uploaded automatically to the Panasonic’s Facebook page.


Hardware: HD video camera, Toughbook, custom built PC
Software: Total Immersion, Adobe Flash, PHP
Screen: 65″ Plasma display

Project Development: 4-6 weeks