For Super Bowl 50, the NFL wanted to match the high-tech mentality of host city San Francisco and create some of the most innovative interactive experiences fans have ever seen. Helios built out four separate interactive applications that allowed users to see the NFL in a whole new light.

The Super Bowl Rings display is one of the most popular visitation points for fans. This year, the NFL wanted to add to the experience by having Helios photograph each of the rings individually, and creating a touch application allowing individuals the ability to browse through any of the 49 championship rings created — giving them a new way to view their favorite team’s most prized possessions.

The Ticket Configurator allowed fans the ability to have a personalized souvenir and become part of the action. Using all 49 past Super Bowl ticket designs, Helios created a digital photo experience that would allow fans to utilize the ticket art in order to create a custom takeaway. Fans could browse through any SB art from the past, and choose their favorite to be sent and shared.

For the Hall Of Fame, Helios created 18 unique digital displays to showcase memorabilia from seasons past. Using transparent LCD displays and enabling them with touch, Helios was able to create a never-before-seen way to show items from the rich history of the NFL.

The NFL was interested in creating an experience that would let the fans have their own moment of enshrinement, and Helios built the Hall of Fame Bust experience. Fans would enter into a room outfitted with a depth camera and a computer, run by trained brand ambassadors. While sitting in their seat, a 3D scan of their head would be captured, and then processed to become a bronzed statue similar to what is seen in the Hall of Fame.


Client: NFL
Launched: January 2016
Event Duration: 1 week
Project Video Music: “Renegades” by X Ambassadors

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive