To launch their fastest products in company history, EMC wanted to leverage their sponsorship of the Lotus F1 Team race car and asked GPJ for help. The “Speed to Lead” campaign was streamed from Milan, Italy to 13 locations globally. As part of the launch, Helios Interactive and Basenji created a Race Car Configurator App as well as an overall Leader-board for the events. The app, which was created in Unity, was a real-time Configurator allowing users to style their own Formula 1 car through a sleek and fun user interface. The final car was then emailed to participants as a branded photo. The app and launch were a huge success.


Client: EMC Corporation
Partner: GPJ
Launched: September 2013
Project Video Music: “Loist Moinal” by Opiuo

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Basenji, Viewstream
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive



This app was our first experience that required a 3d customization component. Unity 3D allowed us to quickly build and prototype the app. The sponsorship decals for customization were limited to hotspots on the car to ensure that they would be readable. Initially there were only a few variations of accessories but we expanded them to include more fun options for attendees. Working with 3D on mobile proved to be more limiting than Desktop but we were able to overcome a lot of obstacles by baking in effects like lighting, shadows, and reflections.


Hardware: iPads
Software: Unity 3D, native iOS
Screen: LCD tv

Project Development: 3-4 weeks