Guests at Mobile World Congress in San Francisco were enthralled by Sprint’s “Smart City” Hololens experience not only because it revealed Sprint’s future plans for a 5G network, but because it tangibly demonstrated how this network can enable people and IOT devices to be more efficient in every day scenarios.

Helios 3D modeled and animated a series of four vignettes that illustrated how Sprint’s future 5G network would support a “Smart City.” From high-flying drones that map city traffic flow to optimize signals and GPS routes, to “smart” agriculture vehicles that recalibrate farming needs based on weather patterns, Sprint’s future 5G network could support it. Thanks to the Microsoft Hololens, Unity3D software, and a team of talented Helios artists and developers, Sprint’s network was able to move from our imaginations to a three-dimensional reality.


Client: Sprint
Agency: Fresh Wata
Event Dates: September 2017
Event Location: San Francisco

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive