StubHub was looking for a unique, innovative way to activate their partnership with AEG and the Staples Center in L.A. Helios, along with partners CAA and Authentic, built out three separate experiences – an Instagram Visualizer that provided a visually stunning montage of fan-supplied pictures, an interactive Ticket Oak that responded directly to movement of fans in front of the screen, and a commemorative ticket generator that allowed fans to create their own customized ticket, complete with their own photo taken at the StubHub booth. The deployment was such a success, it was also installed at the StubHub Center sports complex in L.A.


Client: StubHub
Partners: CAA, Authentic
Launched: March 2013
Event Duration: Ongoing
Project Video Music: “DaCHa” by Chabb ‘n’ Chill

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive, AppDelegates
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive



Early on we were faced with many wifi / connectivity issues due to the infrastructure of the space. We worked through these issues by instituting a local server with a queuing mechanism for all HTTP calls to the cloud. Our Instagram wall was powered by our own custom Instagram scraper which allowed us to set hashtags, Instagram accounts, and block offensive content on the fly. The interactive ticket oak experience used an Infrared camera and a little bit of computer vision to detect when a guest would walk in front of the screen, as well as their distance to the screen which determined which videos played, this helped to increase engagement. The commemorative ticket experience was heavily powered by our CMS which allowed our client to set ticket backgrounds, schedule events, and of course measure the engagement. For other ROI we installed anonymous demographic cameras on a few sides of the kiosk to measure dwell time, impressions, and other factors important for engagement.


Hardware: Mac Pro, iPads, Mac Mini server, IR camera, laser printer
Software: openFrameworks, iOS native
Server Side Software: CMS scheduler, Drupal, local print/photo manager
Screen: 3×3 55″ video wall

Project Development: 4-6 weeks