For one of the biggest tailgate parties at the 2014 Superbowl XLVIII, Stubhub wanted to pull out all the stops for their “Sub Zero Experience”. For the second year running, Helios was asked to lend their expertise in engaging sport fans. Two experiences were created around their irreverent character, The Ticket Oak. The Touchdown Celebration had fans creating their own touchdown dance that ended with a photo op to share in social media. Fans were also able to interact with The Ticket Oak through a Virtual Snowball Fight. Guests ‘flicked’ snowballs from a touchscreen kiosk onto a large-scale projection of the Ticket Oak, trying to hit his golden tickets. Heckling ensued as the CGI version of the Ticket Oak reacted to the indignity of being hit with snowballs.


Client: Stubhub
Launched: February 2 2014
Event Duration: 1 day
Project Video Music: “Space Kitten” by The Polish Ambassador

UI Design: Helios Interactive
Front End Development: Helios Interactive
Technology Integration: Helios Interactive



The Stubhub Superbowl experience is one of the more rewarding client and event combinations due to the pure fervor and loyalty of fans who’ve been preparing for the big game the entire NFL season. Our goals were to provide experiences that entertained fans picking up their Superbowl tickets and providing a memorable takeaway. The Touchdown Dance was a linear experience that allowed a brand ambassador to encourage the fans with Ticket Oak recordings and rate their overall dance score. We initially liked the idea of providing an animated gif available for download to our users, but we found issues when trying to view the animation on Facebook and on other devices. The Snowball game takes the direction and velocity of someone “flicking” a snowball and applies the same motion to an object on the second screen. Initially we noticed that the last touch is often askew from the vector leading up to release and we corrected for it by sampling from the previous frames to determine a more accurate average angle.​


Hardware: Mac Mini, 1080p Projector, 1080p camcorder, custom PC
Software: openFrameworks, php
Screens: 55″ LCD, HP Touchsmart

Project Development: 3-4 weeks